you touch my hands for stupid reasons

my name is Gabe.
i am made up of suspense &badjokes.

ask me things

I make musics.


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I'm an overcast cloud, but that's nothing new.

Leave it to time because,

Offering words wouldn’t prove it to you.

Venting to a dashboard and screaming in a car to a song you’ve never listened to.

Everything I wish for is for you to just get it. 

You were the sun until you were set on being the moon.

Oh, that’s sentence for sore-hearts.

Un-invite me because I can’t play this role anymore. 

There’s a message in here somewhere that you’ll never be brave enough to send,


Oh! The best way to cut someone out of your life is to tell them how you feel.



Everytime I listen to this album it reminds me of how we made out in the car that night and how I missed you so much.

Nostalgia is a dick.

I hope I find another you.

Breaking up,

is often likened to death,

but to me:

its a lot like being born.

you come out of it flailing and crying, 

and then what seems like forever seems to quickly pass,

you slowly start to open your eyes,

you grow thicker skin,

two fucken sets of teeth,

and at some point,

you can’t remember,

you are alive, and after everything it has to offer.

-Gabe Jimenez

I don’t know if you guys know this, but on my free time I like to pretend that I’m a musician.

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